Saturday, March 12, 2011

Middle East Revolution

       History is being made in the middle East.  A revolutions, a fundamental transformation of society, and the fabric of the Middle East all started in Tunisia. Then these sruggles spread to other parts of region by taking in Egypt and, just recently, Libya and different nations.  Revolution in the Middle East became a target of the majority of news reporters.  Revolution is not just a temporary act or action that can be done in shot period of time; it is a major transition from one system to another.
        The factors of these revolutions vary: corruption, injustice, the abuse of social justice and poverty. Middle East people have been abused from their own governments for the passed few decades. Those people experienced  poverty and control; they had no free speech and no political freedom.  They had to support and root for the leader even if they were disagree with his acts; otherwise, they would be in a big trouble.
         I do support the revolution in the middle East because it's the time to say "enough is enough."

Weather Got you Down

          The impact of weather on our every day lives is tremendous. From global climate change and it's effect to tropical storms and tornadoes, Some time weather has a lot of challenges on people mood, If the weather nice they are happy and more active, and if the weather is nasty they are fussy and lazy.        
         However, when we take responsibility for our own mood and the thinking that is causing it. We can adjust and prepair our mood to deal with it on daily might put us down and take our motivation, or paspending our plans to the fallowing days,but when we learn to navigate our moods and everyone Else's,we well experience much smoother life.
        For me listening to my feelings as a compass,I well be able to tell when my mood  has been changed. However always I put my priority first.

Who do you admire

     Looking at my 9 years old twins faces every day challenge me big time in my life. Those honest Angles have a secret wop pens make me motivated to success.I don't know what they did to me and what they well  do. May be they have invisible power,wireless touch,or I'm to weak. Replying to their needs and demands oftener make me happy. Sometime they have a common sense,new ideas,or advices to me. However they are my heroes. from their view and hobbies ,I adjust my plans and my goals, Their success is mine and their happiness is my joy, I learn from them and they learn from me.For these reasons I admire them to much because they did have a big impact on me, by changing my life and convince me to go back to school too per cue my degree.

A New Leaf

           Over the past year, I made my decision to go back to school,and get my degree in business Administration.I  cut my working hours by half ,to earn more time focusing on my study.My short term plans looking forward on my education along with parenting and supporting my kids as much as i could.I'm taking my time to free my self from all Carrier barriers,such lack of motivation,laziness,and procrastination.I challenge my self to put more efforts on me to reach my goal.Hopefully I well better my self in the near future to be a successful in life and make my kids proud of me. However the bath still faraway ,but I'm in the right track.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What Learning resources have you used in Canada Colage

             First of all. Attending School make me very excited, especial when the resources are available for me to fulfil my needs, per cue my knowledge, and my degree.
           Internet has been the number one recourse to really on ,by collecting as much as I could of information. Also I have been attending the TBA classes encourage me to input more effort to my studies.Furthermore the explaining of the instructors of the TBA topics by detailing all the points to make them more easy and useful to me, beside that the effort of my professors of analysing the materials at simple way to understand it.