Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weather Got you Down

          The impact of weather on our every day lives is tremendous. From global climate change and it's effect to tropical storms and tornadoes, Some time weather has a lot of challenges on people mood, If the weather nice they are happy and more active, and if the weather is nasty they are fussy and lazy.        
         However, when we take responsibility for our own mood and the thinking that is causing it. We can adjust and prepair our mood to deal with it on daily might put us down and take our motivation, or paspending our plans to the fallowing days,but when we learn to navigate our moods and everyone Else's,we well experience much smoother life.
        For me listening to my feelings as a compass,I well be able to tell when my mood  has been changed. However always I put my priority first.

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  1. Bisher, navigating our moods is a lifelong process! I really like this insight from you blog, "listening to my feelings as a compass." The self-dialogue you suggest sounds very wise!