Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who do you admire

     Looking at my 9 years old twins faces every day challenge me big time in my life. Those honest Angles have a secret wop pens make me motivated to success.I don't know what they did to me and what they well  do. May be they have invisible power,wireless touch,or I'm to weak. Replying to their needs and demands oftener make me happy. Sometime they have a common sense,new ideas,or advices to me. However they are my heroes. from their view and hobbies ,I adjust my plans and my goals, Their success is mine and their happiness is my joy, I learn from them and they learn from me.For these reasons I admire them to much because they did have a big impact on me, by changing my life and convince me to go back to school too per cue my degree.

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  1. Many of us talk about our parents as leaders, but thinking of our children as leaders is really an original, interesting concept! I love the way you say that "their success is mine and their happiness is my joy." What a happy home, you have.