Saturday, March 12, 2011

Middle East Revolution

       History is being made in the middle East.  A revolutions, a fundamental transformation of society, and the fabric of the Middle East all started in Tunisia. Then these sruggles spread to other parts of region by taking in Egypt and, just recently, Libya and different nations.  Revolution in the Middle East became a target of the majority of news reporters.  Revolution is not just a temporary act or action that can be done in shot period of time; it is a major transition from one system to another.
        The factors of these revolutions vary: corruption, injustice, the abuse of social justice and poverty. Middle East people have been abused from their own governments for the passed few decades. Those people experienced  poverty and control; they had no free speech and no political freedom.  They had to support and root for the leader even if they were disagree with his acts; otherwise, they would be in a big trouble.
         I do support the revolution in the middle East because it's the time to say "enough is enough."

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  1. Bisher, I appreciate your insights, especially since you've lived through the challenges. I really like your sentence, "It's a major transition from system to another." I'm glad you feel that this is the right time!